Yamaha Outboards

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Yamaha Outboard Motors

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One of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your boat is how to power it. After all, the way it performs on the water is directly affected by the engine power. If you’re new to the boating scene, you’ll want to take your time when considering your options. There are certainly plenty of models available on the market today. Here at Naples Boat Mart, we’re proud to carry a wide selection of products for sale, including Yamaha outboard motors. Regardless of what type of boat you need to power, we’re confident you’ll be able to find a model that’ll do the job. You want to be able to experience your boat’s full potential when you head out for a fun-filled day on the water, which makes Yamaha a great choice.

If you’re ready to upgrade to an incredible Yamaha outboard motor, like the revolutionary F425 XTO, be sure to stop by Naples Boat Mart in Naples, FL today!

Yamaha F425 XTO Outboard

One great example is the Yamaha F425 XTO outboard. As the name suggests, this 5.6 liter, 32-valve DFI engine offers a whopping 425 hp. This amazing model employs five different fuel pumps and when the fuel hits the injectors, it is then pressurized to the tune of 2900 psi. Additionally, the F425 incorporates an electric steering system, which is a rare find in outboard motors these days. The theory is that through eliminating the normal hydraulics, maintenance is reduced and performance is increased.

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