Why are Hurricane Deck Boats the Best in the World?

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When it comes to having fun on a family outing, you can’t beat a Hurricane deck boat. In fact, Hurricane has been promoting their boats’ clever design that makes them perfect fishing, skiing and cruising. This makes them the ideal boat for family fun. Specifically, these boats are great for island hopping and cruising the coast on a sunny day. If you’re planning on doing some island exploring around Marco, Sanibel and Captiva, or the Thousand Islands, hop in a Hurricane and enjoy the versatility and advantages they offer.

The first advantage is an obvious one. Hurricane outboard models are ideal for salt water use. The boats’ accessible design makes the engine even easier to clean and maintain. This, of course, means your engine will stay healthier and last longer compared to hard-to-access inboards. A healthier engine means better runs, better fuel-efficiency and increased overall performance, making getting to your destination even easier.

Hurricane deck boats also have a shallow draft hull which allows you to cruise shallow waters and produces a small wake, making it great for nearly any activity. Scan the sandbars and beaches for the perfect shells from the comfort of your boat or easily hop out in the shallows. The shallower draft gives you more choices for your daily adventure and make it easy to get on and off board as quickly as possible. Better yet, Hurricane’s boats are wider from bow to stern than other deck boats. Unlike other deck boats, Hurricane’s original wide-body hull design is as wide in the bow as it is in the stern, providing plenty of extra room and stability. Additionally, foam flotation in the hull and self-bailing decks increase safety for everyone onboard and provide peace of mind to parents.

Another perk worth noting is just how much space Hurricane deck boats offer passengers. As mentioned above, the wide-body hull provides tons of space throughout the whole boat. This allows you to enjoy more seating options and a greater capacity. With one of the most spacious bow designs in the industry, Hurricane deck boats are proud to offer more room for you and your loved ones. It’s hard to find better deck layouts for Florida, plenty of seating options allow you to get comfortable without difficulty and the Bimini top allows you to take in the sun or stay in the shade. It’s just another versatile aspect of a boat that gives you all the options you could desire.

More than any other deck boat, a Hurricane works hard so you can play hard. Whatever your lifestyle, Hurricane boats give you and your family room to roam, room to play and room to grow. Hurricane’s passion for quality, comfort, performance and fun is evident in every model. These boats make you feel energized, exhilarated and adventurous.

If you’re interested in purchasing the world’s leading deck boat, contact Naples Boat Mart about becoming a Hurricane owner.