Swiftshield by Sunsteam


We are hard on boats here in South Florida – sun damage, birds and high levels of moisture for example. To protect our boats, we must cover them property, but let’s face it…covering your boat is a pain.

But, imagine lifting and covering your boat with a touch of a button. When your boat reaches the top of the lift, a full cover is put on for you - covering the sides and the back of your boat as well. No more hassling with multiple covers or snaps.

Sound too good to be true? It isn't! SwiftShield™ is the newest innovation from Sunstream® and Naples Boat Mart is an official dealer and installer of this amazing system. Not only is it effortless, it offers unparalleled protection for your boat from all the damaging influences we face down here. You will use your boat more often, clean it less, and keep it looking new longer. Watch the video below to see one of Naples Boat Mart's SwiftShield™ installations in action.

Tired of Wrestling with your Boat Cover? Looking for an Easier Way to Protect your Boat?

Call Phil to set an appointment - we will talk to see if SwiftShield™ or Sunstream solutions are right for you. Call Naples Boat Mart at (239) 643-2292 or shoot us an email at info@naplesboatmart.com. Ask for Phil!

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