Summerizing Your Boat

From Naples Boat Mart in Naples, Florida

If you stored your boat over the winter, you’re probably dreaming of the day when the warm weather returns and you can get back on the water. Here at Naples Boat Mart, we know how important it is to ensure your boat is functioning properly after being in storage. We’ve assembled this brief guide on boat de-winterization, or boat summerizing, as some might say. If you’re looking for parts, service, or repairs, stop by and see us in Naples, Florida!

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Initial Inspection

As excited as you might be to hit the water, you should always to set aside time for boat summerizing after you’ve removed it from storage. The process begins with an initial inspection. Leave no stone unturned as you want to determine if your vessel suffered any damage during the winter storage period. Whether there’s damage as the result of inclement weather or a critter infestation, you’ll need to take care of it before you venture out on the water again.

You’ll want to check all of the cushions and carpets for any signs of mildew or mold. In the event that you find pests during your inspection, you’ll want to eradicate them right away. Remember to open up your hatches and motor bay to give everything a good look. Another important step is checking the hull to confirm there are no cracks or other repair needs. If your boat’s construction consists of wood, be sure to inspect it for rot.

Summerizing Your Boat

Check Safety Gear & Registration

While you might’ve removed a majority of the items on your boat prior to storage, it’s now time to make sure that it’s fully stocked with all the necessary safety gear. Check on all life jackets and other personal flotation devices to confirm they’re still in good condition and properly stored. You also want to be sure your first aid kit is full of all the necessities, like medications and bandages. On that note, check to see if any of your items have expired. During this boat de-winterization process, you should also stock up on new emergency flares and ensure that your fire extinguishers are up to date.

This would also be a good time to take a look at your boat registration and tags. You’ll need to check if anything is up for renewal with any of your paperwork or licenses. After all, the last thing you want is to get fined on the water.

Clean It Up

The final step in your boat summerizing process is to give it a good, thorough cleaning. It’s probably been sitting for several months collecting dust, so it could use a bit of love. This is especially true if you stored your boat outside and it was up against the elements and other pesky debris. Even if your boat was covered, you’ll still want to clean off the dust, make sure the glass areas are clean for visibility reasons, and confirm that there is no debris affecting the controls and electronics in the console.