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If you’ve been searching for the ultimate on-the-water experience, it’s time to check out the Seakeeper. Through the successful elimination of boat roll, the Seakeeper transforms every boating trip into a smooth and enjoyable time. In fact, this will make a terrific addition to your already-stable Grady-White. You’ll be cruising your way to some exceptional new boating memories with the Seakeeper. It’s equipped with a computer-controlled gyroscope, which eliminates most boat roll. You’ll never have to worry about anxiety, fatigue, or motion sickness again with the Seakeeper on your side. As if you weren’t already swayed, the Seakeeper weighs around 2% to 4% of the boat’s total weight and fits perfectly in the available space in the back half of your boat.

What more could you ask for? Seakeeper offers models that can accommodate boats of all sizes, even those that exceed 30 feet. You’re probably curious about how this innovative technology works. Seakeeper features a vacuum encapsulation, which has a flywheel that spins at speeds up to 9,700 rpm. When your boat rolls, the gyro will tilt accordingly to produce a powerful gyroscopic torque that’ll counteract the boat roll. You won’t find this revolutionary technology anywhere else. Visit us at Naples Boat Mart in Naples, Florida to check it out for yourself! We proudly offer various parts as well as boat repair services.

ST Grady White 375 Freedom 1xSeakeeper 6 (April 3 2019)

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